At Darlington Aikido Academy we also offer 'Corporate Team Building'. Our events focus on 4 key areas of individual and group development:

  1. Working with others
  2. Dealing with pressure & problem solving
  3. Taking the initiative
  4. Leadership

In a world with great individual expectations (self imposed and enforced by others), people can drift into feeling under valued and mentally or emotionally stressed. This can lead to under achievement, absence from work and many other negative influences on the workplace. Aikido is a great form of stress relief, tackles these issues and helps give a much clearer sense of perspective.

Decision making, people management and self control are all characteristics that can be developed and improved upon. Through a clear and concise thought process individuals can go further - not only in business but in life.

Why not try one of our Corporate team building events?
Use the 'contact' tab to get in touch and let us discuss your requirement so that we can tailor the activity for your workplace.